Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of the project was organized according to the recommendation of the Programme regulations. It consists of the representatives of each Partner:

Chairman: Dr. Ivan Serebritsky, CEP
Secretary: Vasily Litvinenko, SC Mineral
Members: Dr. Nikolay Philippov, SC Mineral
Prof. Mikhail Spiridonov, VSEGEI
Petri Lintinen, GTK
Jaana Jarva, GTK
Hanna Lampinen, KL
Kaarina Rautio, UML
Susanna Kankaanpää, HSY
Mikko Jokinen, City of Turku

Main tasks of the Committee are control eligibility of expenses as well as activities of the project and coordination of internal evaluation process. Any amendments to the project at first must be agreed with the Steering Committee and then submitted to the JMA. Main decision-making method is discussions and agreements at the Steering Committee meetings. Proposals and agreements also could be made by correspondence.